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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love Spells - THE APPLE

Aphrodite is often represented in love spells by an apple because of the ancient Greek Myth known as "The Judgment of Paris", which was one of the events that led up to the Trojan War. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. She rose from the waves of the sea and enchants anyone who sees her with feelings of love and lust.

The Story of Aphrodite and the Apple (Judgment of Paris)

Zeus held a banquet to celebrate the marriage between Peleus and Thetis. Eris, who was the Goddess of Discord, was not invited to the wedding but went anyway in order to cause trouble. She decided to cause some "discord" and throw a GOLDEN APPLE into the party with the words "For the Fairest" written on it , and whomever claimed the apple would be declared the fairest of the goddesses. Three goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all claimed the apple, so Zeus asked Paris, a Trojan mortal, to be the judge and decide which of the three goddesses was the fairest. To persuade Paris, each goddess promised him different things, but in the end, Paris chose Aphrodite, and awarded her the apple.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creating a Goddess Space

Creating magick is a wonder of the natural world and it is important to have a special space of your own where you can feel calm, connect to yourself, and work your magick. This space is often called an ALTER SPACE, but some people are afraid of or uncomfortable with that term because it conjures up ideas of religion or a God, so I like to use the term GODDESS SPACE. The idea of THE GODDESS, for me, is an expression of spiritual power, which is the perfect idea behind your space.

This space is for you and your magickal things. It could be a space on a table or desk at home or at work, a tray or even a flat piece of wood. Whatever feels best for you. Your space should always contain something from nature. Seashells, flowers, leaves, stones, driftwood are all wonderful things to keep in your Goddess space. I have always kept a bit of nature around me, even when I was a child. It seems natural to me to always have a some seashells and pieces of coral next to my bed, on my desk or even in a bowl in my bathroom! I didn't even realize I was creating a Goddess space! Even now when I go into an office building and glance at the workspaces I often see little stones, seashells or dried flowers in the corner of someone's desk and I imagine they don't even realize they have just created a magickal space! It just feels right. YOur space shoudl also contain something important to you. This is often a photograph, perhaps of your family or close friends, or even you pet but can also be a pieces of jewelry, or gift received from someone special. Use several things if that feels good to you. Once you have your Goddess Space you can add to it all the time

Monday, April 18, 2011

SPELL: A Blessing for a New Home

My friend Fiona just moved to a NEW HOME with her three lovely children. I know they are looking forward to a new and fresh start. Here is a blessing to give a new home a cleansing and a blessing for future happiness. Happy New Home Fiona! ❤

At sunrise, take a broom and lightly anoint the tips of the bristles with a dash each of dill (for protection), chives (to absorb negative energy), and sugar (for a sweet life). Take the anointed broom to the porch, steps or pathway leading to the front door of your new home and begin sweeping. Visualize sweeping away all negative energy as you say this charm: "With this broom I sweep away all negativity, till only peace and calm surround. Safe and warm, free from harm. Guide a blessing to this new home."


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