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Monday, April 18, 2011

SPELL: A Blessing for a New Home

My friend Fiona just moved to a NEW HOME with her three lovely children. I know they are looking forward to a new and fresh start. Here is a blessing to give a new home a cleansing and a blessing for future happiness. Happy New Home Fiona! ❤

At sunrise, take a broom and lightly anoint the tips of the bristles with a dash each of dill (for protection), chives (to absorb negative energy), and sugar (for a sweet life). Take the anointed broom to the porch, steps or pathway leading to the front door of your new home and begin sweeping. Visualize sweeping away all negative energy as you say this charm: "With this broom I sweep away all negativity, till only peace and calm surround. Safe and warm, free from harm. Guide a blessing to this new home."

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