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Monday, April 18, 2011

SPELL: A Blessing for a New Home

My friend Fiona just moved to a NEW HOME with her three lovely children. I know they are looking forward to a new and fresh start. Here is a blessing to give a new home a cleansing and a blessing for future happiness. Happy New Home Fiona! ❤

At sunrise, take a broom and lightly anoint the tips of the bristles with a dash each of dill (for protection), chives (to absorb negative energy), and sugar (for a sweet life). Take the anointed broom to the porch, steps or pathway leading to the front door of your new home and begin sweeping. Visualize sweeping away all negative energy as you say this charm: "With this broom I sweep away all negativity, till only peace and calm surround. Safe and warm, free from harm. Guide a blessing to this new home."


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I grew up on the beach in Malibu, California and began traveling to Europe at a young age. Although my heart belongs to the sea and life at the beach, I loved the history and old-world feeling of Paris and London compared to my sunshine filled beach life at home. I often found myself searching through antique stores and vintage shops during my travels in Europe. Dusty leather bound books, prints, vintage handbags, and old apothecary bottles were my favorite things to collect. After attending colleges in California, Hawaii and England I graduated with a degree in illustration and I planned to become a children's book illustrator, but then I took a course on bookmaking and letterpress at Otis College of Design in Los Angeles and I began making my own books. As my handmade book collection grew I decided I really wanted to recreate more of the beautiful antique books and other things I remember finding in the little shops in Europe and that's when WANDERING MERMAID was born. I like to think of my ETSY shop as the mysterious little vintage shop you find down a hidden alleyway . You never know what you will find ❤