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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Magick in the Garden

It’s Spring and magick is in the garden! Time for longer days and warm, light evenings that welcome fairies to come and visit your garden in the moonlight while you sleep.

Here are a few lovely things blooming in my garden right now and the story of their magick!

Apple Tree and Apple Tree Blossoms
The Magickal Apple Tree is also known as The Witch Tree and the tree bark is often used to make magick wands.

A lovely blossom from my Apple Tree
Apple Blossoms represent beauty and goodness. These are some lovely white blossoms from my apple tree.

The "Apple of Discord" with the Greek
words "To the Fairest" written on it.
Of course, when speaking of the apple as a symbol of beauty, we must remember the“Apple of Discord” from the Greek myth “The Judgement of Paris”. As the story goes, Eris, the Goddess of Discord, was upset because she was not invited to a wedding party given by Zeus. To cause trouble, which is what she was best at, she threw an apple into the party, The Apply of Discord, with the words “To the Most Beautiful” written on it. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all tried to claim the apple as their own, so, to avoid argument, Zeus gave Paris the task of assigning the apple to one of them. After much deliberation and bribes from the three Goddesses, he decided to give the apple to Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure, and, of course, his decision to give her the apple ultimately led to The Trojan War.

Lamb’s Ears
Who doesn’t love soft and furry Lamb’s Ears ♥︎ It grows like crazy in my garden and I love it! Magickal  Lamb’s Ears is best used for protection against evil and nightmares. 

Some furry Lamb's Ears coming back into my garden after
a long winter's rest.
If you crumble some dried Lamb’s Ears and place it under your pillow in a little organza bag, it will help keep nightmares away. If you spread the dried Lamb’s Ears around your home, especially near doors and windows or any “entrances”, it will protect your home from evil or negative forces.

The graceful and silvery Birch Tree is also known as The Goddess Tree. The bark is traditionally used to make Witches Brooms and as Yule Logs during Winter Solstice celebrations in December. The Birch Tree is also known for protection and purification, which is why I am thrilled to have a big, beautiful Birch Tree growing in my front Garden.

My beautiful, magickal birch tree ♥︎
Birch also represents new beginnings and fresh starts, and because the tree is sacred to the Earth Mother, it is said that she takes a personal interest in every request made beneath its branches. 

The silvery white bark of the birch tree is
so very lovely
When making a wish under the branch of a birch tree, you must mention the Earth Mother’s name, which will summon her help in any matter.

Find out more about the magick that is in your garden! The “Enchanted Garden” journal in my shoppe has page after page of the charms and magick found in the flowers, herbs, and trees in any Spring Garden ♥︎

The Enchanted Garden Journal has lots of
magickal info about your garden
I always include some pressed flowers and herbs from my
garden inside the Enchanted Journal ♥︎
I’ll be back in April to show you what other lovely and enchanting magick turns up in my garden!

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