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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Seaside Inspiration: Half Moon Bay

A beautiful warm sunset in the Bay
I went to the seaside this past weekend to celebrate my birthday. It was a beautiful, warm weekend considering it is the middle of winter, and we went to Half Moon Bay. 
There was plenty of beautiful inspiration there, as well as some mystery… 

If I had a boat/ship, a mermaid would certainly
be my nautical figurehead!
 Always on the lookout for mermaids, this one was quite unexpected! 
But mermaids are often full of surprises and mystery..

A lovely moon at midnight
☾♥︎ How perfect it was to see a half moon while in Half Moon Bay! ☾♥︎

A vintage Zoltar fortune teller in a little shop. When you put a dollar
in the slot, he moves and speaks to you, usually just words of wisdom,
then a little fortune teller card pops out of the slot with your fortune on it!
I was lucky enough to find a vintage Zoltar Fortune Teller, and I couldn’t wait to get my birthday fortune. Although Esmerelda is my favorite Fortune Teller, I do love Zoltar too! The fortunes I collect are the inspiration for my gypsy fortune teller cards. (I actually took a video of Zoltar talking and telling me my-he moves and talks when you put a dollar in-but the video would not upload ):, so here is just a screen shot of him!)

I never get tired of looking at the sea

Tea Time Treats from the Moonside Bakery. I loved the crescent moon cookies!


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